Thursday, March 6, 2014

Question for the Audience...

Okay all, I have a problem that I don't know how to fix.  HUGE points to one who has an appropriate solution.

The Problem: How do I default a text value slicer selection WITHOUT using VBA?  Is it even possible?

Why no VBA? Our company is a bit behind the times in upgrading us all to the same version of office.  I have Excel 2013, but the rest of the world is using 2007 (No slicers available).  Therefore, I post my files to a SharePoint site and the end users are able to use them via Excel Services (hence the no VBA).

I am searching all over for this answer right now and will gladly share the how-to if/when I figure it out.  I would gladly host a "Guest Post" if you know how to do this already.


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  1. So... The best solution I can come up with at this time is to save the file uploaded to Sharepoint with the default slicers pre-selected. Definitely NOT optimal, but it got the job done. Scoreboard: Workaround(1) - Excel(0)