Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Guest Contribution: Formula to Show Beginning of Week

Hey all!  Today's post is provided by guest contributor Jerry Shelton.  Jerry is a Project Manager at Hewlett Packard as well as an HP Sigma Plus Certified Black Belt.    Lucky for us, he has provided a wonderful example of how to take a date/time stamp from a data set that was exported from a database and determine the beginning of the week to allow for simple grouping within a pivot table/chart.

This solution is a real-world example that was born out of the need of others that were not too excel savvy to create reports from data sources with similar formatting.  This template allows them to simply copy/paste the formulas shown in this example into their own data and move from there with very little training or guidance from others.  I fully support making life easier for others!

Here's a link to the file with the "How To" included inside:

Beginning of Week - Formula Example

**Note: The above file does not contain Macros.


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