Monday, September 21, 2015

Pulling Table Data from PDF & Merging Multiple Sheets Into One

Okay all, this is a common problem that I've run into before... However, with updated software, the methodologies change a bit.  Here is my latest method of collecting table data from a PDF without purchasing adobe or another 3rd party software solution.

**NOTE: These methods were discovered online by searching.  I did not come up with them.  I'm just sharing, because that's how we get smarter together!

How to collect the data using PowerQuery:

**I use the "Load To..." option to drop the tables directly into a worksheet instead of the data model.

How to Consolidate the many worksheets into one sheet (I used the VBA code in the article):

**I added the following line at the bottom of the code to show the final worksheet:  Sheets("Combined").activate

Again, these solutions are not my work, but definitely useful.  Please give these sites their due respect if you find this information useful.

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