Friday, January 17, 2014

Favorite Excel Shortcut Keys

Hello all,

Here are a few of my most used/favorite short cut keys for Excel.  Not having to always rely on using the mouse has made me much more efficient in my work.

Quick Functions:

Ctrl + V = Paste
Ctrl + X = Cut
Ctrl + C = Copy

Ctrl + Z = Undo
Ctrl + Y = Redo
Ctrl + S = Save
Ctrl + O = Open
Ctrl + P = Print

Ctrl + B = Bold
Ctrl + I = Italicize
Ctrl + U = Underline

Ctrl + T = Open the Insert Table Dialog box
Ctrl + F = Find
Ctrl + H = Find/Replace

F2 - Open/Activate a cells contents for editing
Alt + F4 = Close Current Window

Tab - Close Cell Editing and move 1 cell to the Right
Enter - Close Cell Editing and move 1 cell Down

For movement without using the Mouse:

Arrow directional Keys (Up, Down, Left, Right) = Move 1 cell in that direction
Ctrl + Home = Goto Upper-Left most cell in spreadsheet
Ctrl + End = Goto Lower-Right most cell in spreadsheet
Ctrl + [Arrow direction Key] = Goto the end of column/row or next empty cell in that direction
Ctrl + PageUp = Spreadsheet Tab to the Left
Ctrl + PageDown = Spreadsheet Tab to the Right

For Highlighting Cells:

Use the Movement Keys above, but hold "Shift" as well.

For a comprehensive list of shortcuts, go to the following Microsoft Link:


  1. A couple other shortcuts that I find useful are F2 and F4

    F2 – can be used to edit a cell’s contents that you may have used the keyboard to navigate. Helpful for correcting misspellings or editing formulas

    F4 – can be used to repeat the previous action. If you select a cell, or range or cells, right-click/Format Cells and update the font size, bold/italicize, fill, border, etc. then click OK, you can click on another cell or range of cells, hit F4 and that same formatting will apply. Great for deleting cells/columns/rows as well. Highlight a cell/column/row and right-click/Delete (Ctl-) or right-click/Insert (Ctl+) then highlight the next cell/column/row, hit F4 and it will perform the same action.

  2. Great point on F4! I do actually use this one a lot. It ties directly back to my post on "Dollar Signs in Formulas". Thanks for the Comment!