Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Formula for the Day: =Sum(number1, number2 . . .)

"=sum( )"

The sum function in Excel is wonderful!
  1. In the formula bar, type "=sum("
  2. Select your range (what are you adding?) - Click on a cell or multiple cells, or a whole row/column
  3. Close the formula with ")".
  4. Press Enter
This will add all of the numerical data within the cell range(s) that you provided.  It's very simple and much faster than having to type =A1+A2+A3...

*You can also add items from multiple spreadsheets! after you select your first cell reference to add, simply type a comma "," to indicate that the next item is a new reference.  Select the spreadsheet tab at the bottom, select the cell with the number you're looking to add and presto! You've added two cells on two different spreadsheets.  - This method is especially handy if you're creating a summary page to provide a quick glance at high level data.

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